Brief History

Our Story

Started in 1945 by Ron Pearlstein, he built the business model on a down payment system, providing post WW2 era Americans with brand-new luxury furniture.

The buinsess was passed on to Rons 3 sons, as they continued his buisness model later meeting their buisness partner - Saul Victor.

The Pearlsteins brothers moved on from the furniture store buisness, selling the buisness to their partner Saul Victor in the early 70s.

Saul Victor expanded the business model by continuing the down-payments and introducing used furniture into the buisness.

Saul expanded the buisness greatly into the store front & two wearhouses with his buisness partner, Geroge Brown.

Saul's Son, Howard Victor, joined the team and expanded the buisness into helping with the Human Resources in Philadelphia.

To this day, Pearlstein's remains a neighborhood staple.